DZ09 Smartwatch - NEW - Just in time for Easter

DZ09 Smartwatch - NEW - Just in time for Easter
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Product Description

Looking for that special something for the Special Someone for Easter? Would they just love a brand new in the box DZ09 Smartwatch?

Intelligent Sports Watch for IOS & Android

Interface Type: USB 3.0 Bluetooth Type: Bluetooth 3.0 Camera Pixel: 1.3Mega Display Size: 1.54in Memory Card Capacity: 128M+64M, Can Up To 32GB Applicable Platform: For Android, For IOS Support Video Format: MP4, AVI Operating Mode: Touch Operating Resolution: 240*240

Function: 1: Remote Camera - You can control the camera from your mobile phone to take pictures. 2: Call and message reminding - When a call or message is coming, you can check it without taking your cell phone. 3: Music Video Remote - Can use the watch remote for music and video play on your mobile phone, not necessary to take your phone out from your bag or pocket, control the music and video play and switch songs easily 4: Find your phone - When the function is activated, your phone will ring or vibrate when the distance between the smart watch and phone is a certain distance. 5a: Sleep Monitor - Home sleep mode: The bracelet will tell the wearer if it is time to sleep or awake every day 20:00 to 09:00, if the user sleep, then the bracelet will start sleep monitor mode automatically. 5b: Exit hibernate mode: When the user awake and moving about 1 minute, The bracelet will exit the sleep monitor mode automatically and returns to the time display. 6: Sports Tracking - It can be used as a tool to avoid under- or over-exercise measuring calorie consumption based on collected data, such as number of steps, distance, speed, time etc. to control exercise.

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