Reasons to shop from us

Welcome to snapitupcanada. We hope you, and yours, are keeping well during these unprecedented times.

We, at snapitupcanada, are doing what we can to further a brighter future for all by no longer inviting potential customers into our home for previews of an item they might be interested in. Porch Pick-up & e-Transfers or Shipping only.

What do we sell? Good question! We sell whatever we think you may be looking for but donít have the time or resources to actively search out. Our main business is Selling or repairing Computers and Laptops however we have a special affinity for vintage Audio.

Whatever it is, if we have it you will find a related link to your left. Of course we are offering our usual 30 day warranty on all of our Computers and Laptops. That hasnít changed. And, should the need arise, we are still shipping, by Canada Post with Tracking.

As mentioned above: please keep well & weíll see you all on the other side.